• Quarry stone block cutting machine
  • Quarry stone block cutting machine
  • Quarry stone block cutting machine

Quarry stone block cutting machine

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Center distance of side blades: 2800-3000 mm,Diameter of blades: D2000mm*2 +D3000mm*2,Max cutting depth:105 cm,Moving speed: 0-2 m/min,Main motor power:37 KW,Moving driven motor: 2.2 KW,Lifting motor: 2.2 KW,Overall size:380*320*260 CM,Gross weight: 7600 KG
Center distance of side blades:2800-3000 mm,Diameter of blades: D2400mm*2+D3600mm*2,Max cutting depth: 1600 mm,Main motor power: 45KW*2,Moving speed:0-2 m/min,Moving driven mototr: 2.8 KW,Lifting motor: 2.8 Kw,Overall size: 390*330*280 cm,Gross weight: 10000 KG
Center distance of side blades:2800-3000 mm,Diameter of blades: 3000mm*2+4200mm*2,Max cutting depth: 1950 mm,Movinfg speed: 0-2 m/min,Main motor power: 55 KW*2,Moving driven motor: 3 KW,Lifting motor: 3 KW,Overall size: 400*350*300 cm,Gross weight: 14500 KG
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Product name: Quarry Stone Cutter Machine

GQK- 3500 quarry mining stone block cutting machine is the successful development of the domestic stone blocks mining machinery in Laizhou Giant machinery co., ltd. It uses the electric motor as the power to drive the saw blade to rotate in orbit, cut into the rock. With auxiliary equipment ,It will achieve to cut the stone block without blasting and thermal cutting way to exploit block. By its application, overcome high quarry mining costs , unsafe, waste of resources, environment pollution problems than traditional mining exploiting way

High working efficiency and high economic profit:

It will exploit 200 cubic meters stone block in 24 hours, the cost is 14 usd per cubic meter. It’s only 40% of the cost than traditional blasting exploiting way..

High safety performance:

Using the new block exploiting way of stone block cutting machine without detonator explosives, both to ensure the safety of the work site, but also to avoid the detonator explosives into the community, effectively eliminating the security risks.

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